Hagedorn, Carter Introduce Resolution Disapproving of MLB’s Decision to Close Miken Sports Plant and Outsource Jobs to China

September 29, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Jim Hagedorn (MN-01) and Congressman Buddy Carter (GA-01) introduced a resolution disapproving of MLB’s decision to close the Miken Sports plant in Caledonia that moves manufacturing jobs to communist China and calls on Major League Baseball (MLB) to buy American.

Reps. Hagedorn and Carter are joined by 3 members of the House of Representatives in lending support to the measure. Upon introduction, they released the following statements:

“Baseball is considered to be America’s national pastime, so it is completely outrageous that MLB has decided to shut down the Miken Sports plant in Caledonia and outsource American jobs to communist China – directly defying Major League Baseball’s position as an American sports league,” said Congressman Hagedorn. “Miken has been one of the largest employers in Caledonia for decades, and this community will face major hardships and job losses due to this closure. We are urging MLB to reverse this decision, purchase products that are made in America, and work to keep these jobs at home. We must always ensure that American workers, families, and communities are treated fairly and come first.”

“As the organization responsible for America's pastime, Major League Baseball should be an unquestionable supporter of American jobs,” said Congressman Carter. “However, the league's decision to shutter the Miken Sports plant in Caledonia, Minnesota, and move those jobs to China is incredibly disheartening. America's pastime should be supported by American-made products and American jobs; it is time for Major League Baseball to live up to its role as an American institution and the duty that comes with it.”

Jim Hagedorn was reelected in 2020 to serve Minnesota’s First District in the U.S. House of Representatives for a second term. He grew up on his family’s grain and livestock farm near Truman. Jim’s father, former Congressman Tom Hagedorn (MN-02), grandfather, and great-grandfather were all southern Minnesota farmers, and Jim resides in the rural community of Blue Earth. During his time in Congress, Hagedorn has consistently fought for the conservative principles that have made America the greatest nation in the history of the world and championed legislation to promote the First District’s primary industries and job creators – farming, small business and medical care. Hagedorn is a member of the House Committees on Agriculture and Small Business.